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It all started a month ago when i particepated in Jake Parkers Art drop day in Bristol. The day works well out of its sheer simplicity, you head around the streets hiding art, for people to find in the hope of making their day. I had done a couple of drop offs which you can check out on my Instagram or Twitter account below. One in particular was of an idea i had a couple of months prior whilst walking the same route near the SS great britain and not too far from the Clifton Suspension bridge. I was thinking What would it be like if someone like Brunel was around today with his mind and the technological advancements we have today he would be in his element, the seed planted I obviously had to try and draw this, below is a couple of roughs of the idea i had, then worked on an inked version ready for drop off.

The drop off went great snuck it down on the docks right next to a pillar with some masking tape holding it in place and if you were to hold it up in the right place you would almost be standing where the kid stands in the final print. Quite chuffed with this drop i walked off thinking about how the wind was picking up and whether it would actually survive the day in the position it was in with only masking tape. Turns out it didnt survive. Found it floating in the harbour the next day with only minor water leakage onto the paper (actually made the inked water in the picture look more realistic!) rather than putting this image to the back of a very large folder which contains loads of work ive never done anything with. Id instead re-draw the piece and make a limited run, make it fair for those that didnt get the oppurtunity to pick it up on art drop day because of the wind.

10 Prints of the Brunel Bot

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