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Let's play a game of jokers...

There may be a number of reasons why you have found yourself at this site, you may perhaps be one of the many big fans just doing your usual daily check up to see if ive updated my blog....

...Or you may of found yourself in posession of a jokers card if its the latter im afraid you've lost.

when i was younger we used to play a card game where by if you had the joker in your hand at the end of the game you lost. In a couple of weeks, November, a current-certain American themed card game is up and we, not only America will be witness to what extent we truly loose.

So to prepare everyone for the inivetable loss and consequence of having to deal with a joker every day. I offer a game.

I have 80 signed and numbered American themed Presedential Joker cards. These cards are going to be left in places with clues of their location across social media. You should stay away from these areas. If you happen to stumble across one and collect it. You loose!!

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